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Experiencing sudden onset of upper abdominal pain, possibly stress related.

Posted by zuria

59 yrs old, female. Upper ab pain - mostly localized under both sides of ribcage. No IBS diagnosis, no constipation/diarrhea/blood in stool/vomiting. Severity varies. Use of antacids, baking soda not effective. Pain began immediately after learning of a family crisis, still ongoing.

Daily, currently taking 500 mg. Etodolac, 2 mg. Valium 2X daily, 5 mg. lipitor nightly, 500 mg. cinammon, chromium. Had been drinking 1 Tbl. apple cider vinegar in water nightly for about 3 weeks; discontinued 2 days ago but no effect.

Drs. appt not til next week. Anything OTC i can take in the meantime?

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Ian Health Maven
On the assumption that your symptoms are stress related, taking OTC remedies is probably not going to achieve much, Zuria. Practicing simple relaxation techniques may be more effective. You may find this site helpful:

Best wishes


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