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Exercise Fitness Ball

Posted Jul 14 2010 3:27pm

Exercise Fitness Ball

Many people tend to overlook the great benefits of using an exercise ball in doing exercises to strengthen the abs. Often underrated, a fitness ball is in reality one of the most effective ab workout equipment pieces to use. With a fitness ball, one can strengthen the core muscles as most ab exercises with ball require a person to improve there body's balance. Another benefit of using an exercise ball in doing ab workout is that it can be very versatile. People can use an exercise ball anywhere- in the comfort of their home, or in the gym. Also, an exercise ball can be used by just about anyone regardless of age.

There are numerous ab exercises that can be performed using a fitness ball. One of them is the reverse leg and hand extensions. Like most ab exercises with ball¸ this exercise begins with the person having his midsection facing the ball, stabilising his balance with the help of his hands and toes. He then faces the floor, extending the right arm and the opposite leg together. This position should be held for a couple of seconds before he returns to the original position. The routine is repeated with the other combination of arm and leg. This routine should be done 8 times. This is a very good exercise for the lower back, glutes, hamstrings, and upper back.

Hip lifts using a stability ball also ranks as one of the ab exercises with ball. In this exercise, a person is flat on his back, with the knees bent and the heels placed on top of the ball. He then supports his frame by stretching the arms on both sides. He then squeezes his back, lifting it off the ground and pushing the hips upward. This position should be maintained for a couple of seconds before returning to the original position. This stance must be repeated for 8 times with 3 sets. This is an excellent exercise for the glutes and the hamstrings.

Doing elevated push ups is also considered as ab exercises with ball. In this workout, a person places his hands on the ground and the knees are put on top of the ball. The body must be facing down the floor and parallel to it. The person then lowers the upper torso until the face is about several inches from the floor, before he pushes his frame back. This must be repeated at least 8 times for 3 sets. This is an excellent exercise for working out the biceps, shoulder muscles, triceps and pectorals.

The last of the recommended ab exercises with ball is the core crunches using an exercise ball. In this exercise the person goes down on his knees, bends the torso at the waist. He then rests both his elbows on the ball. After that he squeezes the ab muscles while rolling the ball in front until the body is straightened out. He then rolls back to the original position. This exercise should be done for at least 8 times with 3 sets.

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