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Earache, sore throat, diarrhea, no fever

Posted by me2know

41 yo, female no past health issues. Earache off and on for 6 months. Doc said the ear infection was inner and just let it run it's course. With initial inner ear infection (no ache originally) also had balance issues and vertigo. A month ago went back to my doc with earache, sore throat, cough and sinus discomfort. doc gave me Amoxicillin.  Sore throat subsided for a little while, but returned several days ago and has gotten worse especially when sleeping. Have experience some anxiety/panic issues (loss of loved ones), some bouts of sleep disturbance, diarrhea. I work in near large bulk stockpiles of soil, compost, and mulch. I also had some plaster repair, wallpaper removal, and painting done at home.   Is this from anxiety or a bacterial infection or what?  Should I wait it out, go back to my doc, or try see an ENT or other professional?

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Ian Health Maven
The only symptom you describe, me2know, which is typical of anxiety is vertigo, but the diagnosis of an inner ear infection puts even that in doubt. I believe you should pursue this further with either your doctor or a specialist. No illness, physical or mental, should be allowed to drag on for 6 months.

Best wishes


Thank you! I've been feeling considerably better over the past few days. I think a lot of my symptoms were brought on or magnified by my worry and stress. Since I've mad a habit of clearing my head and not sweating every little thing, I've started feeling a bit better. I do still want to go see and ENT though... this inner ear thing shouldn't be gong on this long in my opinion.

Thanks again!

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