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does yawning start a panic attack or a panic attack makes me yawn?

Posted Mar 25 2010 7:33pm

I notice i start yawning over and over and then i will start to feel a panic attack happen. Do i panic then yawn or yawn and then have a panic attack? It seems to be an odd symptom of panic attacks, but it never fails.When one happens the other is not far away.

yawning is your body’s way of telling you to get my oxygen in your brain. so either your are 1: already hyperventilating a bit as the panic attack starts and your brain tells you to yawn. then the panic attack goes full blown. or 2: already in a full blown panic attack and rapid breathing. your body is telling you to yawn to help slow down your breathing. the shallow quick breaths increases co2 and decreases o2 causing your blood to be more acidic. so i would say that when you start to feel panicky watch your breathing and take deep long breaths in w/ longer breaths out. good luck!

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