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does depression and/or GAD cause people not wanting to go to work or feeling weird at work?

Posted May 03 2010 1:18am

Please dont call me lazy or tell me you have to work etc etc
If you dont have depression or GAD you wouldnt understand. Feel lucky that you don’t
I am not sleepy or tired. I can get out of bed with the help of pills. I just dont feel like being tied to a specific place within certain hours. I dont feel free then. The feeling of having to do it not because wanting to do it.

Yes it does cause you to not go into work, it causes you to not do anything social sometimes, i suffer everday trying to get myself into work. It does not mean you are lazy at all and that sucks becasue you may get called lazy, it also causes you to want to sleep alot and not want to do much of anything at all, everyday activities becoming exhausting and boring. You feel like nobody understands you. Withdrawling from social activities or things you enjoyed before or things like work is a main symptom of depression. I was on depression medicine for a while and it worked great which gave me the impression i was better so i stopped taking it unfortunatly 3 months later i am back to feeling depressed again, which apparantly is something they tell you happens alot. So i reccomend talking to a doctor if you havent already an starting on some meds, it doesnt go away by itself and eventually made me loose my job from calling in so much.. GL

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