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Does anyone now how to stop anxiety attacks from coming back?

Posted Jun 05 2010 11:00am

I have really bad anxiety attacks, when ever it doesn’t matter were I am. Actually
i even had one last night, and I hate it. It makes me go crazy and well its hard to
explain. Does anyone now how to stop anxiety from coming, please I could really
need some help?

Determine whether it is panic, or anxiety attacks Anxiety Attacks Versus Panic Attacks

There are some differences between anxiety
and panic attacks. While books are written
on this topic, this lesson will attempt to
summarize some basics here for a brief

Anxiety Attacks

An anxiety attack, sometimes
referred to as a panic attack, is an
unforeseen periods or incidents where there
is a sudden fright or fear of intense
proportions. These attacks focus on fears
that are most often not rational; however the
person with the disorder believes he or she
is in terrible danger or at extreme risk.
Most often these anxiety attacks occur all of
a sudden; i.e. they are not planned nor do
they come with any type of warning mechanism
built in for advance action. Results are that
the person suffering the attack will feel
about to faint or near death’s door.

People who suffer anxiety attacks report the
following symptoms, listed in no particular

Discomfort or pain in the chest Vertigo or
Dizziness Upset stomach / Nausea Loss of
Control, Loss of Mental Stability Stress
Cold or hot flashes Heart palpitations or
near heart attack Shallow breathing Shakes /

Anxiety disorder is characterized as having
anxiety feelings that are "always there / all
inclusive," make people want to isolate
themselves from society and hamper everyday
activities with others.

Panic Attacks

On the other hand, a panic attack does not
carry with it that "always there"
association. In fact, panic episodes
generally burst forth, peaking after
roughly10 minutes or so, then ending after
about 25 minutes.

During a panic attack, 4 of the symptoms
listed below (in no particular order)
generally make an appearance:

Shallow breathing, even to the point of
suffocation sensation…

Increased heart rates Tightness of chest
Shakes / Trembling / Sweating Choking
sensation Upset Stomach / Nausea Vertigo
Surreal feelings Loss of Control, especially
of mental faculties Death coming on Numbing
Cold or hot flashes

The Difference

The main difference between anxiety attacks
and panic attacks is in the duration of the
attack and how intense it is for the person
with the affliction. While anxiety attacks
are less hi-stress, they tend to last longer
than the power-packed panic stressors.

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