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does anxiety cause short term memory loss

Posted by chelsie_333

I suffer from social anxiey. These two past moths I have been totally forgetting where i'm going or where I am. Is this because I'm scared I will forget? or is this somthing els?
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Ian Health Maven
Assuming you didn't start taking or switched a medication before this began, or that you are not at risk of dementia, it is possible that your forgetfulness is anxiety related. When we are anxious (or depressed) the higher brain centers can be overloaded by inputs from non conscious brain regions like the amygdalae. So being scared of forgetting can become self fulfilling. But it could also be simply preoccupation.

Given this has been happening for a couple of months I suggest you talk to your doctor about it.

Best wishes


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Chelsie...did you get it  checked out? What did they say?
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