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Do you have a panic / anxiety disorder success story?

Posted Apr 10 2010 9:07pm

So many people are afflicted with panic attacks, severe anxiety, agoraphobia, social anxiety disorder etc. In stead of focusing on the symptoms and the misery it causes, I thought it would be nice for those of you who have had it to post your success stories here so people who are still struggling can gain some hope, strength and courage from you. Thank You for sharing. Only those who have had it know what those who have it are going through.

I suffered with agoraphobia for 12 years, from my early 20’s into my mid 30’s. The best years of a person’s life, completely lost. I became suicidal, was diagnosed with stage IV clinical depression and was nearly committed to a psychiatric institution. I found a therapist who at that time was just beginning to use a "new" treatment called Cognitive Therapy. It literally saved my life.

It takes some effort and you have to work at it even though you don’t feel like it, but it is worth it. It provided me the coping mechanisms to deal with the panic disorder and these tools still work over 20 years later.

I know panic attacks can come out of nowhere and it won’t stop that from happening, but having learned how to recognize them before they take over, they are gone in an instant.

My success story, when I knew I could handle this? I hadn’t had a panic attack in several years. I was sitting on the edge of my bed, tying my shoes to go out for a walk (unheard of in the old days) and I felt that sudden overwhelming feeling. It pissed me off. I stopped and said right out loud, "Okay, I know what you are. BRING IT ON!" And the panic attack stopped right there.

They rarely occur any more. Years can go by. I lived with that demon for too long. It can be sneaky, but I’m ready. As soon as I say, "Hit me with your best shot," it goes away.

Cognitive therapy. Do it.

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