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Do/did you have anxiety, panic disorder and agoraphobia?

Posted Mar 25 2010 7:33pm

Do you still have anxiety, panic disorder and agoraphobia and how do you cope with it? What methods of treatment have you used and would you recommend it to anyone suffering with these disorders?

I have suffered with all three of these for over 10 years now. I have tried books, therapy, tapes, meditation, relaxation, breathing techniques, and many other methods. I still suffer with anxiety on a daily basis.

Thank you in advance.

I have had anxiety for many years and its hard to deal with. My solution is to go outside. That works for me but its different for everyone. You need to search for what calms you and it might take awhile. If i feel anxiety, i remind myself that is it anxiety and nothing is actually wrong. I focus on telling myself i’m getting worked up for know reason and try to tell myself its silly. Sometimes that works too. i hope you find something that works for you :) good luck

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