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Different perspectives on Apple iPad Mini

Posted Jul 10 2012 10:47am

In this year June of I/O General Assembly, we can seen that Google published Nexus 7, which the purposes is for Amazon and Apple, now including Samsung of dozens of home manufacturers are in with differences of size, in flat computer just entered people life early, Apple iPad may has led of advantage, however on currently seems, Apple iPad of advantage only saves App Store inside of content. Now the hardware configurations of iPad are less than Samsung, the concept is less than ASUS, Apple iPad is not flexible like Android tablet device to meet users ' needs.

There were rumours that in early this year Apple will build a 7-inch Tablet-iPad mini, rumor-ridden at that time, but was considered impossible by many analysts, but in turn think about Steve jobs if the ownership or iPad mini will not appear, and now is the Tim. Cook is in the shots, I think the launch of iPad still have great potential.

Recent foreign large media coverage, Apple iPad mini will be launched in October this year, while log market in early 2012, iPad mini size may be maintained at between 7-inch and 8-inch, but iPad mini does not have the Retina display screen, of course, price is not very high, only $ 249, about 1580 Yuan or so. It appears that Apple are starting to gradually focus on 7-inch tablet computer market, this article will be from the perspective of multiple iPad mini authenticity.

GALAXY TAB-era of multi-dimension plate

On in last weekend held of "moved Internet innovation General Assembly", author had a privilege to chat with several moved Internet company of BOSS, for development team and entrepreneurship company, entire industry chain of top is Google, and controlled by Microsoft and Apple, this is undoubtedly, however several BOSS coincide of Samsung and Amazon into industry chain top in the ranks.

First see Samsung, Samsung and Apple are full industry chain mode of giants that have integration and transformation, actually Samsung full has capacity research and development belonging to own of operation platform, then again with machine sea tactical large area cover promotion, believe if Samsung does this, now of smart operating system in the Bada certainly has a seats of bit, and smart of Korea people do not do this, the reason is simple, used open source of Android system is a win-win of things, and effectively reduced its research and development, and promotion of cost. What is more, Apple iphone is coming, more and more iphone fans are looking for forward to it, even some iphone fans have bought many iphone accessories, such as unique iphone cases,cute iphone cases, metal iphone cases, leather iphone cases and so on.

And early Apple was defined for content service provides commercial, is to start out as software service, while Apple in Terminal manufacturing area by outsourcing business to reduced products cost, then through innovation of software service improve profit, and Samsung itself is belonging to Terminal manufacturer, and has many products line, phone/flat just which a, and in recent years Samsung also gravity gradually transfer to moved device, such seems Samsung and Apple maximum of difference is, Samsung has many moved Terminal core parts of production capacity, and Apple no Samsung in-depth cooperation with Google so that it has enough control over the whole industry chain, from long run Apple passive many.

See products, I just has said Samsung has moved Terminal core parts of production capacity, with Google Android of forces, it wanted to build what of products, can with "do whatever they want" this word to described, in flat computer products in the flat computer time, Samsung of GALAXY TAB has more size of flat era, carefully wanted to wanted to initially of P1000 has joined 3G communications features, let phone and flat of boundaries increasingly fuzzy, because such of products opened new of market, Let Samsung see has new of opportunities, while also let user has more of select, P1000 large sold is inevitable, and follow-up of 7 inches of GALAXY TAB P6800/6810, and GALAXY TAB 2 P3100 is snatch Apple iPad part user, from Apple also gradually began to pay an attention with Samsung this opponent, recent Apple to Court submitted 96 million dollars of guarantees gold let Samsung of Galaxy Nexus in beauty banned, Apple next is also aimed at the Samsung GALAXY TAB 2 tablets.

Kindle Fire-content value maximization

To tell you the truth early I have doesn't look at Amazon Kindle Fire products, because some content and functionality cannot be achieved under the network environment in the country, while Kindle Fire has single purchasing channels of in the country, because "acclimatized" Kindle Fire user penetration rate in the country is not high.

But from the entire Amazon context, Kindle Fire has a great significance and it is doomed to success, first of all, we know that Amazon is the world's largest e-commerce companies, it also has the world's largest online sales network, Amazon provides online movies, music, books, games, rich in resources such as software, its contents are not inferior to Apple's App Store.

See Amazon Kindle Fire with the background of product, Kindle Fire is using a Texas Instruments TI OMAP 4 processor, and matching 512MB RAM and ROM 8GB, the front of the fuselage on a 7-inch 1024x600 IPS resolution touch screen, supports a ten-point touch, while Kindle Fire aboard the Amazon based on depth custom Android interface, that is relative to the other tablets, this deep customization system is closed, because the user cannot install third-party applications (under the condition of non-escaped), all App must be moved from the Amazon store.

I would like to say is that Kindle Fire is priced at $ 199, about 1300 Yuan, so cheap you can stand it! However this is where Amazon smart, I said before for Amazon's Kindle Fire is significant, I believe that Amazon CEO Jeff bezoshas's strategy is to allow users to "spend less and spend more money" models coexist, through cheap terminals to attract users, and then through a large number of content allows users to spend, inside and outside earnings of the Amazon is in.

While Amazon is also thinking, "the mobile era" needs a big-screen media to host, sell their own content, and 7-inch Tablet is the best choice, relative to the Apple iPad, on premium content like the condition of the premise, more underscores Amazon Kindle Fire smart product strategy, flexible to meet the market demand.

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