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Data analysis of course

Posted Jan 16 2013 3:30am
Data analysis, of course, necessary, but not all, I'm still struggling to understand, Oakland Athletics team won the Championship is how to rely on data analysis, which requires talent.A few years ago, we had a guy constantly mail me various lineup combinations, he said, the lineup should sound the nightair jordan sale   watches on the scene for a long time, because this lineup is more efficient.So, you will make this lineup on the pitch after 40 minutes.I am not, I will stick to my portfolio, regardless of what people say.

But ever since the P.J.-Carlesimo replaced the nets coach, DeLong marked upgrade in performance, began to play like the all-star level control of Wei.A few days ago, the nets get a wave of six consecutive victories, DeLong is contributing 19.5 points 8.3 assists 4 rebounds, shooting 46.8% three hits 48.3%.After entering thejordan sixty club uk year 2013, DeLong sent out 50 assists, error control in 15 times."I think we have a chance to beat any team."It is clear that DeLong's confidence in the recovery.Fans voted all-star first had been in the United States ends on Monday local time.According to the latest statistics from the January show, DeLong behind Celtic controlled Wei-Jane lang over 325,000 votes, another starting Defender natural non-heat in Eastern Star deweien-Wade belongs to.

In many cases, players because of injuries and other reasons was unable to play, but Mike Guinness considers a code a code, spurs turns of events, after all, their four main at that time had not been injured and could not play."It's like you go to moire Steakhouse (world-renowned Steakhouse), spend the high price of US $ 63, but only enjoyed a meal at an ordinary restaurant you can enjoy the thin slices of beef," Ellen McGinnis said, "such a thing, the Spurs and heat occurs in the first world war."After the Spurs turns, David Stern, President of the League immediately publicly apologized to the fans, he said that spurs this is" not acceptable ", the Spurs eventually suffered a 250,000-dollar fine.
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