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crystal shamballa bracelet month

Posted Nov 05 2012 6:12am
also would not like to the Xin Tong depart from this life, national dhji7465 fortune resolutely distorted greatly and together, greatly and together don't hurt anti- strong, Xin Tong also smoothly sit last throne.The Jade Emperor knows this after the event, thunderbolt great anger, let the red Luan scares to death, Wang Mu cant not bear to piteously entreat and just change to Jade Emperor to settle next nine a life time transmigration of soulses, if the red Luan can find out to turn a life time Xin Tong, lovely from the magic weapon that it takes back to shake to press a folks spirit luck on the body don't need its capital crime, can also weigh to ascend a fairy.If however can not have to let 2 people whom the disaster carries drown a sea of woes together, hammer chain is lately lovely.From the boundary in red Luan, her Jing soul became the red Luan flower of wearing seven colourful flower petals, here living an interest not, until today red Luan flower have already all respond to broken a pistil to open, exactly 500 years in advance, also because bloom in advance, harming the root-stock has to think the grand occasion before seeing at least and wait for 10,000 years.All of the flower petal after blending, naturally the clothes on the body become seven colourful dazzling, Be not the Xie dress Xie trousers in previous white any more.Slowly the ray of light disappearance is like a common clothes."The month is old, do you see that is what?"The month is old also very surprised:"This wear while being a red Luan in the sky of seven clouds of many colors Yis, legend these seven clouds of many colors Yis can turn with the host's intention, if this person be not willingly, whether the others can't take off or not, together host if want to put on, it's enough that only an idea reads, more miraculous is to act as battle armor, there is very strong defense and the ability of the treatment, really build to turn exquisite!"Naturally have been already turned to come to at this time, the eye pupil sees everywhere, she doesn't know this is where, he remember that he him/herself dies at Xuan Yuan the bosom of the Zhe."Is an expanse of white here where?Is the hell this appearance?The clothes on my body are very beautiful, the wound on the hand's also having no "naturally touched touch a face, is delicately also smooth, " psyche is the appearances that can't take while was living of, O.K., but I didn't still finish a feeling debt, die, I return not go to modern, how to do my father and mother?"Naturally want own situation to sadly cry.The lotus fairy Gu inconvenience comes out a concealed body to hesitate, the crystal shamballa bracelet month is old to come forward to say:"Miss, we meeteach other again."Naturally raise head this to just see a month old, "you when here of?You are to come to send me hell of still will go modern?""I always all here, just that you have never seen to arrive, I am to send you to return to, but not is return modern but is pleasant breeze dynasty, your feeling debt didn't shamballa bracelets return and how to return to.""I am shamballa wholesale dead and how return to?""You are still on the hoof, died there, didn't believe you to choke you to see by yourself.""Really?"Naturally take something with a grain of salt of malicious choked for a while arm, " ah, painful, is it you that saved me?""Can say so.""That, you can save Wan son ah, Wan son she dies very miserably.Beg you fairy."Naturally kneel ground to beg to do obeisance.Month old difficult way:"Miss, the dead of the Wan son is a previous incarnation cause and effect, this is the nature's law circulation to easily disrupt, and the imperceptibly but inexorably only has predestination.""You are to say, Wan son, she the older generation son fix bad result?Pay Wan son be my servant girl Wan the previous incarnation of the son.Rightness?"Naturally dare not believe the affair that the in this world really has cause and effect circulation.The month is old to touch his/her own beard:"The Buddha says:Can not say, you return to now.""Ai, I still have words ""Female in the sky its working properly have already returned to your body now in, hope that you can find out quickly lovely save ten thousand people water fire, let heaven regression moral path."The month is old to wield to float the dust naturally whole body back light book package, fleet away to the distance.The lotus fairy Gu appears:"Can she find out?Lovely is what kind of only afraid the nobody know, it so invisible Jade emperors all have no way, will she complete?"The month is old is also don't know how to answer, thought a short moment:"The since red Luan is lovely to emerge with the tide of the times, so always should have to respond."It places oneself at an open spaces big palace while naturally and again waking up on, she remembers to is the sanctuary of pleasant breeze here, the in the mind thinks:"Why can the old fairy want to send to this place to her and say besides a puzzling words", suddenly a bold viewpoint leaps out:"I am a sky, female turns a life time."The south temple Qin Mo discovers to naturally be missing madness of sought for a days and one nights, the emperor also sends a person to look for, still the book adult is an is also urgently went crazy, but still had no news, at just in the sky the dark cloud to the utmost spread and disappeared a sky the sun finally came out for two day, from a distance sanctuary but send out dazzling purple light, a side even defeated and dispersed of country teacher late dream precious jade suddenly heel big chicken blood shout loudly:"Legendary sky of female it works properly, sky female don't die."Finish shouting loudly an everyone to follow to rush at sanctuary.Wait public rush through to sanctuary unexpectedly discover ray of light surround of house roof underneath, unexpectedly is everyone sought for a days and one nights of naturally.The south temple Qin Mo loses but replies of the joy is blunt in the past and embraced naturally:"Leisurely son, you how come here, you harm I sought you for a long time, are you my poisonous Fu?"The leisureliness tears Kui dike:"Blare, big evil head, I ain't clear either, I waked up to is this, I missed you so much evil head."Late dream Yao one eye saw a flower of seven colourful flower petals of naturally many between the eyebrowses printing to record.He remembers at thou once saw in book, the thou said female in the sky in book it work properly to return to then have red seven colorses Luan flower for oneself, from now on unless voluntarily the others can not harm its very small amount, he this just thinks of that day on the giving welcome dinner of Wang Fu's Yan, naturally also at, was oneself to guess wrong, real of sky female's turning a life time is naturally a miss, his despairing heart,such as withered wood, meets spring sort resurrection, concussion of not ability from suppress, look up at sky to kneel a ground of pleased pole but Qi, shiver a way:"The heaven has an eye to bless my pleasant breeze country, the parties comes to female in the sky to give relief to masses of people's common people in water fire.I the late dream Yao kneel Xie Tian En to make us lose but reply female in the sky turn a life time naturally."The south temple Qin Mo returns to absolute being from the joy:"Country teacher what do you say?Naturally is female in the sky, how may?"Late dream Yao speaking of excitement:"Three king Yes, the all theses are all true, naturally before the red Luan of the between the eyebrows seven colourful flowers are witnesses, is that I got mistake.""I don't want naturally female on that day, secretly the many people wants to add to harm, don't go.""Wang Ye, naturally the miss has already got female in the sky it working properly and blessing no one can hurt her."The south temple Qin Mo this just let go of heart come again will naturally and tightly in the bosom, the turn's staring at of deep feeling fears dream like this back broken up, he accepts to can not stand leisureliness to leave any further.
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