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Cowboys womens broncos jerseys And Zombies

Posted Dec 08 2012 3:34am

Cowboys womens broncos jerseys And Zombies

The effective end of the 2010 NFL Season for the Dallas Cowboys demonstrates several things. First it shows the vast difference between "confidence" and "competence". Fans were treated to endless lectures from Cowboys players and staff about how confident they were as they screwed around during pre-season and how confident they still all were as they lost game after game during the regular season. Sorry guys but you custom broncos jerseys are obsessed with the wrong "C" word. It is not "confidence" that wins football games. It is "competence". Some say that competence is about doing the little things right. Little things like avoiding drive killing penalties and interceptions, or even doing some blocking once in a while.

Speaking of "C" words another one we were endlessly exposed to was "cohesion". We were told the Cowboys had good unit cohesion. That they worked well together and like and admired each other. So does a bar full of drunks. If I want to assemble a bunch of losers in a mutual Nike Broncos Jerseys admiration society I will join a political party or attend a Hollywood awards show.

It is far less important that you love your teammates like Cheap Broncos Jerseys some kind of smarmy drunk and far more important that someone, perhaps a teammate, because the coaches sure ain't doing it, let you know that you need to cut the crap and get with the program because you just cost us the game! Since guys who cause the team to lose in effect take an extra pay check out of everyone's pocket, they are costing everyone money.

Since they won't actually be playing for anything this year, maybe the Cowboys could go Trick or Treating on Sunday. The could pretend to be decent football team. Or they could go as themselves. Zombies are all the rage.

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