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Could a single panic attack permanently screw up my serotonin levels?

Posted Apr 25 2010 12:18am

I had a single panic attack a few months ago and ever since I have anxiety and mild panic attacks. If I have low serotonin levels, can my brain balance out the chemicals again on it’s own or do I need to get on antidepressants?

One panic attack should not permanently change your serotonin levels. Your brain has amazing recuperative abilities and can rebalance the chemistry. One thing that is key for serotonin production is sleep, and you have to sleep in the dark. So make sure you are getting enough sleep and that it’s at night.

Panic and anxiety can come out of nowhere. Learning relaxation or meditation can help, as can deep breathing. Try those things before you try meds.

You might also want to take a look at your life and what happened around the time this anxiety and panic started. Was there a change in your job or a relationship or your health? Anything that might be connected to this change?

Anxiety is very treatable, so see your doctor if trying to work though it on your own doesn’t work.

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