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constant bad taste in mouth

Posted by francisca.sm1

My mother suffers from depression, bad thyroid and anxiety. A couple of years ago she got this bad taste in her mouth, she says its like she has a constant bad taste in her mouth and due to this she has also acquired a tick of constantly moving and sucking her mouth. Her psychiatrist says it is due to anxiety, however she hasn't been able to give her anyhting to help combat this, and she has also tried taking her medication away and giving her other ones in stead. This has also been unsuccessful.This has made my mother even more depressed and she hardly leaves the house and doesnt want to see people and is constantly uncomfortable with this symptom. What could cause this? And are there any cures?
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Ian Health Maven
I assume that your mother has been prescribed antidepressants, Francisca. If so, the "bad taste" may be a side effect. Many antidepressants have anticholinergic effects which may cause a decrease in saliva production leading to dry mouth which in turn may produce a bad taste sensation. Dry mouth can also increase dental problems so your mother should increase brushing and have regular dental checks.

Dry mouth is also a common symptom of thyroid disease.

Unfortunately, there is not a lot that can be done. She should avoid caffeine and alcohol. Smoking can also exacerbate dry mouth. Chewing or sucking on sugarless candies may help. Mint and cinnamon flavors appear to be most effective.

Best wishes

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