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Computer Problems That Drive You Crazy: e.g., can't delete an article once posted

Posted Apr 17 2009 3:54pm

Unwanted email, slow loading pages, too much info per page, bad search results, flash ads, sound ads - just some examples of how your computer or online programs can annoy and depress you. 

I planned to delete my posting, but the software did not let me. It allowed to change the title, but not to delete the text. So I decided to write a few tips on how to deal with anixiety caused by imperfect software and hardware instead of the original post.

-- Relax, it's just a software tool, this is just a computer

-- Think: Why exactly am I REALLY stressed out? Does that really matter? 

-- Forget your online troubles, escape from virtual reality into real world

Have a nice day, everybody!
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