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Commercial Treadmill

Posted Apr 25 2010 9:33am

by Anne on April 25, 2010

in Workout

Commercial Treadmill

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When you have a home treadmill you can still manage to have a very effective workout regardless of how the weather is doing outside. The home treadmill was one of the first pieces of home fitness equipment appealing to walkers, joggers, runners and a wide range of people. And shopping can be overwhelming for a lot of buyers.

A bit of trivia: The word treadmill originally designated a type of mill which was operated by a person treading the steps of a wheel to grind grain.

On to some facts: And treadmills can have a either an AC or a DC powered motor. Some treadmills monitor your heart by way of sensors that are built into the frame. A heart rate monitor, which is good to have, enables a treadmill to automatically adjust the speed and/or the incline to keep your heart rate within the most optimum zone. You grip it with your hands, but it can only be done if you're walking not running. Most units come with an electronic console that displays the workout feedback like speed, distance traveled, the time you've spent working out, and calories you've burned.

Notice that some treadmill heart rate monitors clip right onto an ear or, for more accurate readings, strap onto the chest. The deck is the belt area on which actual running, jogging and walking take place. Most of the models today do have the ability to add an incline to your workout to duplicate running or walking uphill, thereby increasing the intensity of your workout.

The display panels should be easy to read and easy enough to operate. One of the key things to remember is that the larger motors do tend to run cooler and usually require less repair and maintenance.

Before buying a treadmill, make sure the deck area provides enough space for you to exercise comfortably and the belt should work smoothly without slipping or sticking. Buying fitness equipment online has grown at a fast pace over the past few years. Treadmill manufacturers are competing for your business and price wars are creating big savings for buyers.

You may want to spend less money if you're not really sure if you'll continue using it or not. You'll want a treadmill with an aluminum or high alloy steel frame that's strong enough to support the heaviest runner in your household or anyone else who'll be using it. Commercial club units are reliable and well constructed so do look into a home version if you like how it operates.

Probably the most important thing to look for in a treadmill is to know how sturdy it is. If possible try out the model you want. You'll probably want to buy a unit with a motor that delivers 1.5 to 3 continuous, not peak, horsepower though. If you're planning to use a treadmill purely for walking you're not likely to need an expensive top-of-the-line machine. Most manufacturers of the commercial treadmills found in gyms and health clubs also produce great home versions.
One indication of the likely longevity of any treadmill is to check out the length of the manufacturer's warranty. You want a long one if possible, the longer the better. And any treadmill with a belt that causes jerky movements while you walk or run should be completely avoided.

Walking, whether on a treadmill or outside, is one of the best approaches you can take toward physical fitness. More people every day are choosing a healthier lifestyle. The majority of beginning exercisers start out by walking or jogging in their neighborhood. To get even more workouts, think about making your treadmill into a walking and working office by adding a mini-platform to the side rails. And be careful, because any type of jogging or running, whether it's on a treadmill or not, puts strain on leg and hip joints.

Make sure to take your time and choose a home treadmill that fits into your fitness goals. Do plenty of research online. Home treadmills are an important investment, regardless of the price, and if it's not right for you, you don't want to find out after you've set it up at home.

Take time to do your research, the same way you would any other major purchase and you'll find buying a treadmill won't be difficult. Read the various treadmill ratings and treadmill reviews that you find online and offline so you will have an idea which models and prices are best for you.

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For more information on saving money on treadmills and best buy shopping for treadmills online and offline go to Helen Hecker R.N.'s website specializing in treadmill tips, advice and resources, including information on treadmill ratings and treadmill reviews

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