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Clippers alternate public onslaught

Posted Dec 27 2012 1:50am
Clippers alternate public onslaught, Barnes, Crawford and continuous firing of Bledsoe on the score beyond nuggets 7.Griffin and Paul are back on stage after two swords, Griffin storm buckle hand twice in a row, Paul even take 5 min speed boat into the flowering mode of attack makes it difficult for the nuggets Parry, widening gap between the two teams was to 20 cents.-Jordan Hamilton intonike blazer high uk   third, Xiao Qiao Dankong dunk response, Clippers 67-48 lead 19 minutes and finished the first half the game of competition.H 42 points the Clippers in the second section.Game ROM fans struggled to catch up with the nuggets in the third section, Legion firepower full on narrowing the difference in Denver, Clippers lead was cut to 10 points.Paul complained to the referee about eat technical foul, Willie green come out even two of three into Clippers stabilize the situation.Nuggets fire reduction, Andres Iguodala and Lawson jointly turned out 10-3 compress the gap: 9 min.Paul led the Clippers return Jin Yibo excavation at the third Festival of 9-2 to 93-77-leading 16 points.

Paul anger associatednike blazer low sale with the situation in the field, climax nuggets frequently made in section III, the difference narrowed to 9.But, as the famous CCTV host Yu Jia says: "Paul, Clippers at ease!"If you look at what he had done, bothering dribblers and take the 2 points, assists completed Barnes dunk, and Crawford successfully attacks the Lawson, copy cut off behind Miller's balls.Section III the last minute, Paul is welcoming the Mackey (microblogging) long arms hit three points, led the clippers and enlarge the difference to 17 points.In addition to offensive and defensive abilities, speed boat where there is another fear, that is the depth of their lineup, they can under five on five rotations.The fourth section, Crawford one long shot, was extended to 20 min by difference between the two sides, and Paul, the main force in the field to rest while laughing.See the Clippers the performance, "Showtime" building, one of the "magic" Johnson sighs: "I thought again or see 'Showtime', but Clippers play out.

Maiamirehuo tomorrow will be challenge Charlotte Bobcats away, this is the debut of the defending champions away four Premier Lien Chan.Huashengdunqicai defeat of the heat had been bottom of the League, this time to Charlotte to play halls to avoid being baoleng, General-James would seek to send team continue winning streak Bobcat 16 losing streak.Heat ranked first in the East, Bobcat ranks 13th in the East, the strength of both teams obviously have a lot of gaps, but heat guard, lost genius lesson enough for them to remain vigilant.Heat on December 5 with the Prodigy to competitors in the first world war the second win of the season, the ball is seen as defending champions the most humiliating defeat of the season.Bobcat while Lien Chan losing streak lately, but as with the wizards beat heat without any psychological pressure that is a prerequisite to outdo oneself.Heat play back-to-back, Bobcat resting lie in wait for 3 days, physical fitness gap will also give game manufactured suspense.
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