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class BOSCH BAT609 Power Tool Battery tool

Posted Oct 12 2012 1:59am

Basic requirements: BOSCH BAT609 Power Tool Battery Electric tools should be able to in the following conditions rated use: 1) don't at an altitude of more than 1000 meters. 2) air medium temperature not to exceed 40 degrees (elevation 1000 meters), not less than 15 degrees. 3) air relative humidity no more than 90% (25 degrees) 4) power supply voltage and rated voltage difference of not more than plus or minus 10% range. Electric tools in addition to should have good work performance and enough life outside, still should meet the following conditions: 1) safe and reliable: For as far as possible avoid in use process happened and get an electric shock accident: Ⅰ class tool all can touch the metal parts must be good and reliable protection grounding and protection of the joint zero. In order to further improve the safety and reliability of the tool, we should promote the development Ⅱ kind of tool.

To touch the dangerous operation BOSCH BAT609 18V Battery tools such as: milling cutter, saw, grinding wheel, etc should have enough strength not to interfere with operation of the guard, tools shell hole due to prevent such as finger accidentally touch to internal rotation and charged parts, 2) portable small: Electric tools to small volume, light weight, small vibration, low noise, flexible operation, easy control and operation. 3) strong and durable Electric tool security: Electric tools by people most directly hold the operation, so ensure safety use especially electrical safety is very important. To prevent to get an electric shock accident, the most simple safety measures is the implementation of the tools to protect earth or protect joint zero, this kind of protection measures are can effectively prevent the body electric shock, but the workplace must have good ground or joint zero device and safe and reliable.

Ⅲ class BOSCH BAT609 Power Tool Battery tool when using safe and reliable (50 v voltage), but need to corresponding safety voltage power supply, use is restricted. Design and manufacture of double insulation electric tools (both Ⅱ class tools) is to guarantee the safety of electric tool, the important way is the development direction of the electric tools at home and abroad. Double insulation is to improve the tools of electrical insulation structure method, when the basic insulation damage, with additional insulation form human and charged parts to carry out effective isolation, using this structure, medium strength increased to 4000 v. Double insulation mark "back". So what is the double insulation?

3 drive mechanism is composed of gear, BOSCH BAT609 Power Tool Battery belt, chain institutions such as composition. There are some electric tools are not drive mechanism, the rotor shaft direct output to work, such as bakelite milling. For most of the hand-held electric tools, it is gear transmission mechanism. A, gear type generally can be divided into: Cylindrical gear: straight tooth cylindrical wheels, cylindrical bevel wheel; Cone gear: straight tooth bevel gears, helical bevel gears (arc tooth wimble gear, epicycloids bevel);4 handle by the handle and auxiliary handle composition. Main hand is hand-held electric tools indispensable a part. But the auxiliary hand according to the standard request. Such as: Angle grinding wheel piece of more than 127 mm time must have auxiliary handle; Chiral auxiliary usually have two kinds: Threaded connection type auxiliary handle: Clamp connection type auxiliary handle.

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