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Choose Clients You’re Passionate About Working With

Posted Jun 12 2012 9:31am

“They need you. You have to work with them.”

So many of therapists are conditioned to think it’s selfish or heartless NOT to work with every prospective client who calls us for help. After all, they need help and we chose this profession because we want to help people, right?

We’re taught that it’s ethical and necessary to refer when the client needs help that is beyond our training or experience, but many therapists struggle with the belief that it’s not OK to refer clients for any other reason.

I’ve been there myself. I used to accept any client who called, partly out of guilt (“they won’t get help if I don’t help them”) and partly out of fear (“I won’t get clients if I don’t accept them”). It wasn’t long before I felt frustrated, undervalued and drained.

I thought it was selfish to choose clients based on myself and my wants.

The CLIENT’S needs were all that mattered.

It took me a while to realize that choosing your clients based on who you enjoy working with and who energizes you is actually BETTER for the clients.

When you feel passionate about working with someone that client will usually make better progress.

It’s impossible to educated yourself on every client, every diagnoses, and every treatment modality.  But, if you focus your attention on the clients you feel passionate about you’ll be more effective and help more people. Training yourself in one specialty means your clients will receive a higher level of care.

And the more passionate and driven you are to help your ideal client, the easier it’ll be to find ways to get your message out. The more you get your message out, the easier it will be for your ideal clients know the help you have for them.

You’ll be able to talk about what you do in a way that allows your ideal clients to feel safe and understood.

Choosing an ideal client, isn’t about rejecting everyone else.

You’ll still be able to help your non-ideal clients,  just in a more effective way – by  educating yourself about other resources in your area you can make qualified referrals to anyone else – ensuring everyone gets the right therapist for their needs.

Choosing to focus your work on the clients you feel passionate about frees you to do your best work. And your best work is pretty amazing isn’t it?

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