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Chinese security strategy beats by dre cheap and military aspects of the annual trend

Posted Dec 20 2012 7:21am

"In order to and including Japan, neighboring countries for maritime rights and interests, it is possible for China into military power." Japanese media 19 to Japanese defense research institute of the Cheap Beats By Dre Chinese security strategy report 2012 "reading, has been the hot" China threat "and the heating of degrees. On the same day, Japan's maritime safety agency requirements to further increase the budget to deal with China's "provocative".

Japan's defense research in 19 "issued by the Chinese security strategy report 2012" to "the Chinese security strategy beats by dre cheap and military aspects of the annual trend" is analyzed, the report says, at the national strategy and foreign policy formation process, the influence of the Chinese people's liberation army (PLA) "is a sharp ascension", the army and the government's political coordination deepening.

Japan's defense ministry of defense under the institute, is Japan self-defense forces the highest military scientific research institutions, the past two years it has continuous published two "China security strategy report. Defense research institute instructor mountain message to 19, told the global times reporter to interview said that China could use military force to defend its maritime rights and interests, the report has been explained, which is conditional, and that is when the other countries use military force, China can only input military strength.

A military experts to the global times "reporter said, since want to defend the territorial sovereignty, in addition to HaiJian and fishery administration and law enforcement agencies for the army, responsible, and will need to develop all kinds of response plan. If the use of military power, China will naturally to military strength to deal with, it's no good a fuss.

Commitment of the regulation "rabbit" is still in the surrounding the station soliciting, "window zone" to punish agency, illegal operation of the "three car" (", and the black) repeatedly to of the traffic police, traffic police of the stealth... 19 night twenty, wuhan television ask government focus on urban traffic management department, at the beginning of the rectification commitment problem still exists, which many people judge raised "cry" said not satisfied.

The TV ask government to "cash the pledge, optimize the environment -- let traffic more smoothly" as the theme, with a focus on the standard taxi operation order, three railway station and long-distance bus station surrounding environment improvement, city traffic order, the three big area, wuhan city, director of the SEC PengJun, city participated LiShunNian director, and wuchang railway station, hankou railway station, railway stations and long-distance bus station in wuhan jianghan, silk, Qiao mouth, formerstudy, wuchang district of the city, as well as five to "sit".

And the first ask government officials confident opening, compared to cheap dr dre beats the traffic department "candidates" cash the pledge, it is more than the result still show lack of confidence, they declare existing in the work of "blind spots" and "missing", said later still need to continue to work hard.

Sure enough, as the play and personnel making short, promise at the beginning of the rectification "rabbit" still long-distance bus stations around the front of the train station, soliciting management turn a blind eye to; Around the station city supervisor to penalty agency, suspected of rough law enforcement; Peak period played repeatedly by refuse to take passengers, phone call taxi still difficult; Urban main road of the police on duty, but no sign of the traffic police; The illegal operation, surface and black "three car" is still rampant, management work was decoration; Electric vehicles driving through a red light, such as bad, let the motor vehicle driver the jitters, overweight electric vehicles are "bifurcation the sell" by the problems such as exposure, "students" have argued, the commitment to formulate relevant measures to explore the long-effect mechanism, to continue to improve.

For "students" cheap beats surrender papers, many judges most raised "cry" said not satisfied. Even if the judges of the satisfaction is also with the satisfaction of the students that "reform" attitude, as for the treatment effect is still dissatisfied.

For some time ago exposed taxi security issues, wuhan SEC PengJun director in this said, will be in the next year July 1 to complete not installed ABS automatic anti-lock system and EBD electronic brake distribution system operating vehicle update, during which the taxi production enterprise will be free maintenance, strengthening the vehicle's safety testing, and again "no increase taxi driver a penny burden".

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