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China tour - Temple of Heaven Beijing

Posted Feb 19 2014 6:26am



Forehead of Paradise was the place where the emperors of the Ming and Qing dynasties worshipped heaven and interceded for outstanding resources. The emperors visited the temple three times a year: on the 8th day of the first lunar month to wish for a outstanding harvest; during the Summer season months Solstice a887 dark a887 dark to wish for rain; and during Winter season Solstice a887  China luxury travel  dark a887 dark to give thanks for a outstanding gather.

The Forehead is divided by two enclosed areas into inner part and exterior part. The main components of the Forehead lie at the southeast and north completes of the middle axis line of the inner part. The most amazing components are  Luxury travel china  The Circular Load Marriage (Yuanqiutan), Imperial Package of Paradise (Huangqiongyu) and Place of Prayer for Good Collect (Qiniandian) from southeast to north. Also, there are some additional components like Three Duplicate Stones and Duplicate Surfaces. Almost all of the components are connected by a comprehensive weblink known as Vermilion Activities Link (Danbiqiao) or known as Sacred Way.

Temple of Paradise Beijing

Almost all of the components are connected by a comprehensive weblink known as Vermilion Activities Link (Danbiqiao) or known as Sacred Way. The Circular Load Marriage has three cushioned balconies with white-colored stone. During the Ming and Qing Dynasties (1368 A.D. - 1911 A.D.), the emperors would offer bargain to Paradise on the day of the Winter season Solstice a887 dark a887 dark every season. This wedding was to thank Paradise and wish everything would be outstanding in the future.

Seen from above, all the temple places round and the system rectangular shape, types also respectively comprising the heaven and globe. The wood made assistance supports assistance the roof without any nails or tangible.  

In the southeast of the car park can be found the Imperial Package of Paradise. It’s a round area tiled in red and position on a white-colored system. Just north of the wedding is the Duplicate Surfaces. Here, a sound can travel clearly from one end to your pal's ear at the other.However, the Duplicate Surfaces will not perform if there happens to be bellowing trip team in the middle. Make sure to get here early if you want to experience it effectively.  

The Circular Marriage to the southeast was for  China Travel Interests  significant use in traditional China providers. It also offered as the holy place to hold the annually winter solstice wedding. The pile includes 3 stages that represent Earth, the dangerous globe and heaven.The advanced level in the Circular Marriage is designed with 9 stone jewelry. the number 9 has special importance in China providers cosmology, for there are 9 stages to heaven.

The temple car park is generally utilized via its european gate. However, there are 4 gateways at each side of the place. The traditional ceremonial path approached the wedding through the southeast gate.

The Forehead of Paradise used to offered as the holy place where emperors of the Ming Kingdom (1368 - 1644) and Qing Kingdom (1644 - 1911) organized the Paradise Compliment Marriage. First designed in 1420, it is China's greatest and most affiliate current perform of art among China’s traditional sacrificial components.

Together with the Excellent Surfaces, Prohibited Town and Summer season months Framework, The Forehead of  China Tours  Paradise is the must see in China providers. It provides you a good possibility to learn about the China providers traditional perspective, record and faith.


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