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China's state Cheap Beats By Dre council information office director WangChen 12

Posted Dec 13 2012 7:39am

China's state Cheap Beats By Dre  council information office director WangChen 12 in Beijing that on human rights, can't entertain wild hope to a standard, a single scale to measure, can in order to seek common ground while putting aside differences principle to deal with each other concerns, such ability promote mutual communication, and gradually resolved.

On the same day, by the China human rights research association and China's human rights development foundation co-hosted the 5th Beijing human rights BBS in Beijing, WangChen opening on the BBS the beats by dre cheap opening ceremony for the above statement.

Beijing human rights BBS since 2008 and, so far, has successfully held four sessions. The BBS the theme of "science and technology, environment and human rights". WangChen said, this outstanding theme reflects the current international society for human rights and the development of the relationship between the deep understanding, clear the development of science and technology, environmental protection and the close relationship between the promotion of human rights. He points out that the ultimate purpose of the progress of science and technology is to promote people's free and overall development. At the same time, the contemporary scientific and technological progress to promote the development of the cause of human rights, as well as in through the highly developed technology, such as the rapid development of Internet technology, change the working way and way of life, constantly adding new connotation of human rights.

But WangChen also cheap beats stressed that the human because of fast economic growth and bring environmental problems, and to its own comprehensive development pose a big threat. So how to use the power of science and technology, not only to promote economic growth, and effective to protect the environment and realize sustainable development, the world is facing big problems.

WangChen said China as the world's largest developing country, large population base, per capita less resources, weak ecological environment, developing cheap dre beats unbalanced, uncoordinated and unsustainable problem is prominent, the economic development and environmental protection task is heavy. After years of unremitting efforts, China in environmental protection and sustainable development has made gratifying achievements. The sustainable development of China's national conditions, the road is rooted in the world, China's development achievements and experience will become the precious wealth of the sustainable development of the world.

Strive for and safeguard human rights in the process of human civilization is the eternal theme. Talk about China's human rights development, WangChen said, human rights thought always rooted in human freedom, the practice of democracy in the pursuit of value. As China's revolution, construction and reform, leader of the communist party of China 90 years of history, is to the interests of the Chinese people's history, always in order to realize the people as masters of the country, improve people's lives, to improve people's welfare for goal.

WangChen said, in the new historical period, bearing historical civilization, excellent tradition and The Times, China has actively mission for outstanding achievements of human civilization, the universality of human rights principle and China's national conditions, combining to respect and safeguard human rights, walked out of a Chinese characteristic socialism human rights development road, China's human rights cause in the new stage of the overall development.

WangChen said, the eighteenth big adhere to the people's main body status mentioned a more prominent position, highlights the need to play to people's master effect, adhere to the development for the people, the development on the people, the achievements of development should be Shared by the people's fundamental principles. The eighteenth big report advocated a prosperous, strong, democratic, civilized and harmonious, freedom, equality, justice and other social socialist core value concept, further enrich the human rights theories of socialism with Chinese characteristics. The revised the constitution also again respect and safeguard human rights.

About the future, WangChen said that we will continue to choose the correct path along the line, for all the people to live more happy, more dignity, to build a more just good society and make unremitting efforts.

Member of political bureau of the CPC central committee, the standing committee of the National People's Congress vice chairman and secretary general li jg 12 in the great hall of the people met with visiting Danish foreign minister wally ·'s harp fanta.

Li jg said, Dan establishment of diplomatic relations early, relations between the two countries to develop good. In June this year, President hu jintao will visit success, Dan Dan in relationship to a new height. At present, at all levels in all fields, Dan don't frequent intercourse, bilateral economic and trade, energy conservation and environmental protection, modern agriculture, science and humanities etc cooperation develops rapidly. China attaches great importance to relations with Denmark, depending on the Danish for China in northern Europe and the European Union's important partners. The Chinese side is willing in mutual respect, the basis of equality and mutual benefit, continue to promote the Dan comprehensive strategic partnership make greater development.

Harp fanta er said, China's development has made remarkable achievements, for the world economic recovery and growth has made important contributions. China is not only economic power, in the  international political stage also plays a responsible role. Folk prescription is willing with the Chinese side to help implement the consensus reached by leaders of the two countries, and promote economic and trade, agriculture, green technology, sustainable development, and further deepen cooperation and bring greater benefit to the two peoples.

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