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Chest pain relief? Anxiety related?

Posted Jul 05 2010 7:45pm

I have been dealing with anxiety for a while now, and although I can control it fairly well, my breathing pattern has always been a bit dodgy. I now a really tight pain that is in my chest and spreads up my throat. the other day it was hurting my shoulders as well. It hasnt been too bad, but I just made it a lot worse by going and running around a tennis court. I have a bit of a cough which i think could have strained it, but i also feel that it is probably in some way or another caused by anxiety. Perhaps I have been holding my chest muscles tightly without really realising it, or perhaps it is a respiratory problem. Could anyone give me an ideas how to stop the pain. It mainly hurts when I breathe in, cough, or swallow. And also if anyone happens to think they know what it is then go ahead and tell me. But dont tell me its something serious unless you are a doctor, because I will just panic about it, and Im seeing a doctor tomorrow anyway, I just want to know how to ease the pain for the time being.

Thank You
Oh, and one more thing. ive been really off my food the last few days. Again its probably just because of the tightness in my chest, but it is unusual for me.

You’re wise to see a physician. You also might want to describe your problems with anxiety, and perhaps get a prescription for something like Elavil or the equivalent. Good luck.

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