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Posted Dec 30 2012 6:36am
The earliest evidence of archery can be traced back around 10.000 years, when human beings used the skill for hunting and survival. But it was first recognised as a sport in medieval England, where Archery was considered so important cheap authentic nfl jerseys to the nation's defence that males aged between seven and 60 years were required by law to take part in competitions. However. Archery has had a bit of a rocky time of it at the Olympics, first appearing in Paris in 1900, but then being dropped from the 1920 programme because of too many rules and equipment variants between competing nations.
The sport found itself out of favour with the International Olympic Committee for 52 years until it was re-introduced to the Games in Munich, in 1972, by which time international standardised laws for Archery had been agreed. Since cheap nfl jerseys china then, it has remained a highly competitive and popular discipline at the Games, with two stand-out nations. South Korea have been the most successful since 1972, winning 16 golds and 30 medals in total.
Their closest rivals are the USA, with eight golds and 13 medals overall. The rest of the world trail way behind these bowing behemoths, with no other country winning more than one gold medal. If you're a betting man or woman, we suggest nfl football jerseys putting your money on the Korean women's team in 2012. They currently have the world's three top-ranking women on their team. a knock-out format from the first arrow until the last In the team event, there are three archers per team and countries compete against each other in a best-of-24-arrows match.
The target - which has a diameter of 1.22m and a gold, centre ring measuring 12.2cm across - is set at a distance of 70m for all archers, male and female. A maximum 10 points are awarded for hitting the centre ring, with one less point awarded for each ring outside of it. Matches at London 2012 will be the best of five sets, with each set consisting of three arrows per archer. Competitors have 40 seconds in which to release each arrow.
It is a fitting tribute to the ancient activity that the 2012 competition is being held at one of London's oldest sporting grounds - Lord's Cricket Club (est. 1816). If an arrow hits the line between two scoring circles, the higher score is awarded ? Each arrow shot travels at roughly 150mph ? An archer's initials must be engraved on each of their arrows ? The first organised Archery competition took place in London in 1583 - 3,000 people attended ? Archer Neroli Fairhall of New Zealand made history in 1984 by being the first athlete in a wheelchair to compete at a ?regular? Olympics ? To split the arrow of a competitor with your own arrow is known as a ?Robin Hood?
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