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Change your diet to change your stress level.

Posted Jan 18 2011 9:01pm

Looking to moderate your anxiety? Consider changing your diet to include more of the following
1. Water ("In a British food and mood study, over 70 percent of the participants reported that upping their water and produce intakes improved their mood")
2. Green tea ("A Japanese study published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, conducted with over 40,000 people, found that levels of psychological stress were 20 percent lower in those who drank at least five cups of green tea per day compared to those who drank less than one cup per day")

3. Seaweed salad ("It's incredibly rich in iodine and one of the few sources of this important mineral")

4. Puffed whole grains ("Carbohydrates boost calming serotonin levels")

5. Fresh beets ("Because of its link with the nervous system, too little folate has been known to trigger mental fatigue, forgetfulness, confusion and insomnia")

6. Portobello mushrooms ("Mushrooms are rich in selenium, which studies have linked a deficiency of to a higher risk of depression, anxiety and fatigue")
Can't hurt -- and you'll probably lose a few pounds, to boot, if you eat a truly healthful diet.

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