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Can your throat stop you from breathing when it's so dry?

Posted by Bella

yesterday something very scary happened to me. For the  past month or so I have had a very dry throat that tickles when I speak, and sometimes if I dont get water straight away, I am unable to swallow. yesterday, I had been running in and out of my air conditioned car into the warmth outside. As I spoke, my throat started tickling, I could know longer swallow which wanted me to throw up, and when I couldnt do that, my throat closed up completely. I couldnt breath and it felt like an asthma attack. After many attempts of trying to breath I ran to the bathroom and as soon as I touched the water with my mouth, my throat opened up and I could breath again. This is really worrying for me as I get a tickly throat all the time now especially since I am in and out of a car every day. Also I suffer from panic attacks which makes me panic even more so when my throat goes tickly. I have never experienced an asthma attack before.Should i go see a doctor?
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Ian Health Maven

I suspect that you had an anxiety 'attack' rather than an asthma. I suggest you have a doctor check you over and investigate why you mouth is dry. This may also be anxiety related, though air conditioning removes moisture from the air and may have played a part. Either way, any unusual symptoms should be checked, even when anxiety is the most likely cause as sometimes it isn't.

Perhaps you should keep a bottle of water in the car and sip from it occasionally. Sucking on mint flavoured candy/sweets/lollies may also help.

Best wishes


Thank you so much for the response. I have been keeping a bottle of water with me since and the tickling has gotten a lot better. I know I have been dehydrated lately and I also have picked up a little cold recently. I will try to relax more and make sure that I drink lot's of water.If it happens again I will go see a doctor. Thanks so much again.
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