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Can you get over anxiety disorder and panic disorder?

Posted May 05 2010 4:30am

I was diagnosed with anxiety and panic disorder a couple of months ago and one of my fears is living with it. Sometimes i feel like i’m loosing control, going crazy or even dying and with time, it seems like i become scared of simple things I once enjoyed. Is it possible to get over it? Is there anything i could do to less fear it?

I had overwhelming anxiety. It turned out to be my use of Splenda. Yup Splenda.

I like to say sucralose, not Splenda, because that is what Splenda is. And it is in a lot of stuff. The package doesn’t have to say Splenda to have sucralose in it. You have to read labels. So, you might still be using it and don’t even know it!

Sucralose is poison. It ruined five years of my life. I had a laundry list of medical problems while taking it, including overwhelming anxiety, depression, mood swings, insomnia and more.

The slogan, "Made from sugar…" is very misleading. Splenda might be made from sugar, but it is far from sugar. The resulting chemical is an organochloride (chlorocarbon). Organochlorides are typically poisons.

carbon monoxide – made from oxygen so its like a breath of fresh air

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