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Can you develop anxiety attacks or is it something you are born with?

Posted Oct 07 2009 4:41pm

Posted:  anxiety attacks

And are anxiety attacks a disease? Can it be cured? How? What happens when you have an anxiety attack?

Anxiety attacks are not something you are born with. They usually strike in adulthood. When I had my first one, i thought I was having a heart attack. The doc accused me of being on cocaine, because my heart rate was 130 or so. I was clean as could be, but scared to death. My husband I had argued most of the day that day. It just came on me so suddenly without warning. I had trouble breathing, my hands went numb and tingly, my heart was pounding, and I had a sense of impending doom, like I was gonna die.

I finally got back to "normal", the docs never really did tell me what was wrong, as this was before "anxiety attacks" were recognized as a real problem. I did my own research over the years. I learned when one was coming on, and I can pretty much control them now with deep breathing exercises. What' s so odd about anxiety attacks is that they can strike at the oddest time. I have laid down to go to bed, and had an attack. Sometimes, if they' re severe and frequent, I' ll take valium for a couple days.

I' ve never really learned what causes anxiety attacks, just ways of coping with them. I' ve never really learned what triggers them, as they occur with me at the most odd times.

Good luck to you. You can live with anxiety attacks. If you find they' re debilitating, see a doctor and find a good therapist. I' ve been fortunate that I' ve learned to control mine mostly on my own, with a little help from a sympathetic doctor.

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