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Can Wearing An Amulet Reduce Anxiety?

Posted Jan 11 2009 5:21pm

An amulet is essentially an object meant to “protect a person from trouble”. Almost anything can be an amulet but generally speaking they are small and portable - think rabbits foot. Some people think of amulets as lucky charms or in some cases they are meant to keep away ‘bad spirits’ e.g., bad vibes.

But amulets are also useful because they can serve as reminders. They can remind us of a loved one, an event, or even of our own feelings. This got me thinking a few weeks ago and I came up with an idea.

What if I could create an amulet for anxiety? In other words what if I could find a small portable object to remind myself to be calm.

I’m not a craftsman so I couldn’t make one so I did the next best thing, I bought one. In fact I purchased 20 to be exact. For my amulet I chose a silicone wristband, much like the ones made famous by the cyclist Lance Armstrong. Armstrong’s tag line ‘Live Strong’ reverberated with a lot of people so I thought it a good idea to try and duplicate the effect.

I thought what if I had wristbands with the tag line ‘Be Calm’ would this be effective in helping someone actually stay calm when they have a mild feeling of anxiety? Would wearing and looking at this object actually remind someone to relax?

Obviously I don’t know so I want to propose an experiment to my readers. I will send the wristbands to 19 people. Each person will wear the wristband for a few weeks and report back to answer the basic question - does it work? Elaborate explanations are very welcome since it would be interesting to see if looking at the words ‘Be Calm’ repeatedly has any effect on a person’s nerves.

To participate you will have to (I kindly ask) donate $1.50 for postage. I will then send the wristband at no other cost to you. Postage includes the envelope and the actual cost of shipping it out.

The wristbands come in Blue or Green (Will the color make a difference in the effect?). They come in either Large (8 3/8) or medium 7 (3/8) size. The large wristband would fit an average sized man good while the medium is probably better if you’re on the small side.

For those that participate you can send the postage cost of $1.50 via the pay pal donate button located on the homepage (right side under recent comments). Please also include an email with your name (Real or Not) and your mailing address.  The pay pal email address you will see when you hit the donate button is

Remember I only have 19 wristbands to give out and I need people that will follow up and let me know if it had any effect whatsoever on their anxiety. I’ll of course wear a wristband and report on my findings as well.

The band I’ll be sending out simply says ‘Be Calm’ and has a small symbol (no meaning) on either side of the words. It kinda looks like the brown wristband in the photo I included.

I hope to hear from you soon.

Note: Just a quick note on privacy. Any information provided by participants will not be shared with any third party. In addition paying through pay pal is safe and not connected to my site directly. In other words don’t be paranoid join in!

People that want to help with this experiment should donate $1.50, email me their name (or aka), address, wristband size, and wristband color preference.

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