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Can someone have social anxiety, panic disorder, and agoraphobia all at once? Cure for paranoia?

Posted May 21 2010 3:35pm

My friend has had social anxiety since I can remember, but shows signs of panic disorder and agoraphobia from what I’ve read online. Can someone have all three? Over the years I’ve become drained and just can’t deal with her avoidance, fear, and compulsive questions for reassurance about how she looks, sounds, walks, etc. It’s driving me nuts!!!!!!

I don’t want to stop being her friend, but if she does not get help, I risk losing my own peace of mind by allowing her to constantly pull me into her world of fear. Also, I just can’t stand seeing her this way. Unless myself and another friend visits her she is always alone in that small apartment with nothing but her computer, tv, and radio. I know she is "not" psychotic, dangerous, or anyting like that. But this is nuts!!!

How can one person go years constantly worried about what others think of every little thing she does. She may not be crazy now, but it’s bound to happen if she continues to spend time alone like this.
Also, if this is paranoia, does that mean she is destined to be this way forever? My understanding is that paranoid people stay that way. She has seen tons of doctors, with no success, and no meds have worked. Is this the life she’s going to live as a young woman, and beyond?
She wants to socialize with others, but is too self-conscious and afraid. I can’t continue being her only source of interaction. We have one other friend between us, who is fed up also.
Mike she says the meds don’t work, and that the therapists she has seen are not patient, or the sessions don’t teach her anything she doesn’t know. In terms of reporting her legally, she is not psychotic or unable to think for herself. Just extremely socially afraid. Her doctors say it’s an anxiety disorder, and no hospital would consider admitting her against her will. As it’s not necessary. But she is not living just existing.
GoKnow you say I sound as if I’m worried about my "own state and condition" as if there is something wrong with that. You are 100% right. I am not willng to lose my peace of mind for anyone. Not even a friend I’ve had 20 years of my life. I enjoy socializing and being involved in life, if I must compromise that for someone else, that’s not friendship, that’s obligation out of guilt.
Shell your response is how I’ve been feeling. I’m not familiar with avoidant personality, but will read up on it. That is how my friend is. She wants people around her, but only if they can make her feel completely at ease. Everyone must be socially polite and kind, but after awhile the person filled with fear must take responsibility in some way. It’s almost like she puts people throughs tests to prove how much they care or can be trusted before even trying to greet them. That’s nuts, but she doesn’t get it. I don’t want to start resenting her, but I feel it happening. I’d rather end the relationship before I say or do something to hurt her more. I guess after 20 years I will have failed her test like everyone else.

Treating patients with psychological disorders is something that professionals train over a decade to understand to do properly. You cannot help your friend. It is not your responsibility to help your friend and you must give yourself permission to let her live in solitude if she chooses. You must also recognize that this is not your choice. It is hers.

Yes she can most definitely suffer from all three, but who cares? If her social anxiety is extremely high, panicking and avoiding the world via agoraphobic tendencies are simply side effects.

I am strongly against any form of diagnosis, but the fact that she craves affection, pushes away, and avoids could be avoidant personality disorder….but here is the bigger question….why you need to help her.Your desire to help is noble and kind, but put plainly stop.

The doctors she has seen did work, she stopped going. The medication she took did work, she stopped taking it. She will remain this way by choice her entire life and she will drag every person in that she can because it is easier than facing the fact that she is suffering from mental illness and is refusing help.

If she broke her foot and went out to play basketball on it everyday after she went to the hospital to get a cast and then took it off, you wouldn’t feel so sorry for her.

If she had bronchitis, went in to get antibiotics, took them for three days until she felt better, then stopped the prescription (instead of finishing them the full 10 days as prescribed), then got bronchitis again, you wouldn’t feel sorry for her either.

The problem is that mental conditions are not as widely talked about, we see someone suffering and WE panic!! We have no idea what is wrong with them and we feel awful for their suffering.

Stop – you have the world’s support on your side. After you stop going for a while, you will see how terrible things have been for YOU.

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