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Can somebody with anxiety get addicted to xanax?

Posted Jul 03 2010 2:20am 1 Comment

I’m thinking probably. Somebody I know deals with anxiety and I think lately they’ve been taking higher doses of xanax for more than just the relief from anxiety. I know this can lead to addiction, and xanax addiction is serious, but if they were to deal with that with a doctor’s help and taper down… could they still take the medication for their anxiety? Will they need to switch medications?

Addiction is a very common problem with prescription medication. The problem is that, the longer you take the medication, the less effective it becomes and you need to take higher doses.

If your friend would like to try safer, natural methods of dealing with their anxiety see the resources below.

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Yea, it’s true. There are various studies that reveal using Xanax regularly can cause addiction and have unhealthy effects on your body and brain. This is very harmful drug of addiction, If not detected on time comeback may not be easier.

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