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Can panic attacks and generalised anxiety disorder be completely cured?

Posted Jun 30 2010 5:05am

I would like to know if it’s possible to completely get rid of the secundary effects of panic attacks and anxiety disorder and get back to your normal and pleasant life and get back your natural way of thinking, feeling and acting. I’ve heard about people who suffer from this for years and they cannot be the same as they were. Please let me know if you heard about people who got well (completely and forever). Thanks a lot!

The first step of recovery is understanding what is causing the attacks and learning to cope or simply get over them. From there on out theres medication (which i would not suggest, although it may be the best option for some people) Therapy is another good thing to try, even if its just with really close friends or family.

Three years ago I was jumped a few miles from my house, i was so paranoid for a while that I wouldn’t even go around that area for the longest time. I was always worried about walking places and practically refused to go out at night.

I went back to the place and acted the situation out in my head a hundred times and eventually understood that it happend and its over. Yeah it sucked, but theres no point in getting worried about something that already happend.

I hope this helps. I know how scary things can be but you have to remember that its all in your head.

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