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can klonopin make me want to have sex more

Posted by Amy Facebook

I have no shame, when I was on Celexa (other than the allergy) and on Lexapro.  I had extreme sexual side effects.. I would want to, but couldnt perform and it was sooo very frustrating.  But now that I have been taking Klonopin, I want it more and more.  I know some of it could be that I am feeling better.  But even before all of this started, and I started meds, I didnt want it this much. And once started I couldnt stop.  I feel normal about it... but at the same time I am just curious as to if anyone else has exsperienced this?  And well contradictingly, IS IT NORMAL???
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Ian Health Maven

Klonopin, like most benzodiazepines tends to be sedating which usually puts a dampener on libido, Amy. So you might be having a paradoxical reaction.

However, if you've just recently stopped taking an antidepressants then you may be experiencing a rebound reaction. One of the strongest antidepressant side effects is sexual dysfunction and a rebound after quitting can occur as hormonal levels readjust. It tends to be short lived, so enjoy it while you can. :)

Or it just might be that you are feeling good at being anxiety free and this has improved your outlook on all aspects of your life.

Best wishes




Amy Facebook

Ian I think we are having communication issues here... I am ON Klonopin.  And though I appreciate your insight.  Unless you are a Dr.  be supportive not directive. LOL!!  I do appreciate it though.  I know that these can cause this.. I am just asking if anyone else has exsperienced it, or is exsperiencing it?  I am not anxiety free at all.  Though I am on the road to it.  But at any rate, again thank you for your insight. And my apologies . if I came off rude.  Best Wishes to you too!


Ian Health Maven

"Unless you are a Dr.  be supportive not directive."

I don't understand what this refers to?



Amy Facebook

It is refering to, though your insight is appreciated... just be supportive, and dont give me your medical advice.  Unless you are a DOCTOR! is that better?  :)  I know the medical of everything.  But this a support page. Again my apologies if I seem RUDE!

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