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can i take an antacid while on alprazolam ER 1mg

Posted by Judy

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Hi Judy! 

I'm currently on Clonazepam (another form of Alprazolam) and I also take Nexium for severe acid reflux/GERD.  I've been taking the two drugs for a long time now - approved by my doctor. I assumed taking an antacid and alprazolam together would be fine, and after I did a check on (a well-known drug interaction checker website) it didn't show any serious risk or even moderate risks.

Of course every person is different and has different conditions so checking with your doctor is always the best way to go.  Just call and leave a message with one of your doctor's nurses.  I do that any time I have a question (seeing as how I'm on so many medications!)  That's their job - and it's better to be safe than sorry :)  

Take care,


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