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Can I quit 2mg/3/day of klonapan and 100mg/1/day of zoloft in under a months time? Been on for 8 months.

Posted by ThisBoysLife

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Ian Health Maven

Could you do it? Yes.

Do I advise you try to quit either drug that quickly? Definitely not!

Both antidepressants and benzodiazepines should be tapered off over a period of months. Ask the prescribing doctor for a weaning schedule.

On additional point: If you quit taking these, how will you control your anxiety? While it is possible that it has gone into remission, it is equally possible that it hasn't. If you don't wish to continue taking drugs to control it then I suggest psychotherapy - one of the cognitive behavioral therapies. However, you should begin this before quitting the drugs so you have a basis for controlling your anxiety if it flares up.

Best wishes


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