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can i drink non alcoholic beer while i take an anti anxiety medication?

Posted by sudio1

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Ian Health Maven
Benzodiazepines plus alcohol is a potentially fatal mix as both are central nervous system depressants, sudio1. The danger is that their combined affect may depress breathing which is controlled from the brain stem.

With the exception of MAOIs, antidepressants plus alcohol is rarely directly fatal, though they have the potential of increasing accidents. The real problem is that there is often no consistency to their combined effects. Some days you can have a few drinks without significant impact, others a small quantity of alcohol can put you under the table.

MAOI class antidepressants are a separate issue as beers may contain Tyramine which can build to dangerous levels because MAOIs interfere with the breakdown of this amino acid. NOTE: Even non alcoholic beer (and wines) may contain Tyramine and should therefore be avoided.

MAOIs aside, provided you're drinking genuinely non alcoholic and not merely low alcohol beer you should be okay. Though, IME, they don't taste that great. 

Best wishes

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