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Can extreme anxiety cause your usually regular period, to be late?

Posted by Amy

Hi, This is my first time on a health forum. I recently have been diagnosed with a generalized anxiety disorder, in particular my anxiety comes from health concerns. In the past two months its gotten so bad to the point where I have been convinced I had a brain tumor, ovarian cancer, stomach cancer and many other things. It is slowly taking over my once very happy life. In the past while I have experiences nausea, loss of appetite, chills, stomach pain, tingling and so many more symptoms and im having a hard time believing that they are all due to my increasing anxiety levels. My lastest one is that my period is late. It's date 33, and I usually start every 29 days. Iv never had unproteccted sex, and even took a preg test to rule it out, and it came back negative. I guess my question is simply, is it likely that your period can be late due to extreme boughts of anxiety? Thank you in advance.

ps- Im on my way to getting help for my anxiety. Im beginning CBT next week. If anyone with anxiety would like to msg me id be more than happy to talk, since I find talking about anxiety helps to reduce it. Thanks again!



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Ian Health Maven

Unfortunately, anxiety/stress (and depression) can affect the hormonal system and thus ovulation, Amy. If you're not eating properly as a result of the stress this can also have an effect.

I suggest you raise this with your physician the next time you see him/her.

On a more general note, anxiety disorders are highly treatable, especially if caught early. CBT and the other cognitive/behavioral therapies have a very good track record with these disorders.

Best wishes


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