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Can depression be cured?

Posted Mar 08 2009 3:18pm 2 Comments

Remembering when times were really bad I can recall thinking about whether depression could ever be cured. I searched the Internet for blog and forum posts about people who were depressed hoping that I might find someone who has been cured. What I discovered was there were huge numbers of people in the world who were suffering from depression and anxiety too and this didn' t really make me feel any better.

Amongst the thousands of posts I read, very few people announced that they had found a cure and all of those people with a cure appeared to be selling something (conincidence?). In contrast to the one or two cure blogs I found many abandoned blogs where the owner hadn' t posted for quite some time and I assumed the worst for all of them. Each of the owners of the abandoned blogs must have found it too hard to keep going with the blogging and the depression - who knows maybe some of them were even dead and the blogs just existed because the owner wasn' t there to post on it or to take it down? What might people think about me and my abandoned blog?Surprised

So, in case you were wondering. I haven' t found a cure for depression but life is substantially better than it was and next time I come across an abandoned blog I will recognize that there are lots of reasons why blogs get abandoned and some of them can even be nice reasons! Smile

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Comments (2)
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i think there is no cure for that but for fortunate people will get a cure depending on the level of their deprssion and what is the cause of depression
in addition to tht depression is a schychological problem which comes outomatically and for people who are experincing thz they do not explain it very wel for doctors to have a clear picture of it so because of not knwing the end up prescribing a wrong medications
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