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Can Ativan cause missed periods?

Posted by livewell

I have missed periods before and I am on birth control.  I missed a period in Feb. and now I haven't had a period in two months.  I was taking Ativan once daily, but have now started taking myself off of it slowly. I am now to the point where I'm taking a half a pill every fours days and just a few more days of that and I will stop taking it altogether unless I'm having and unually anxious day. I also take Celexa and just wanted to see if either of those meds can cause missed periods.
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I have been on Ativan for years and never a problem with my Periods! I would get checked out by your Doctor as it could be an Ovarian Cyst? I have had 2 now one was a functional one wich go away on it's own and now one where I might need to have it removed. I'm waiting for an appointment with my Gyno. Good luck :)
Ian Health Maven

While anything is possible livewell, neither lorazepam (Ativan) or citalopra (Celexa) are likely to affect ovulation. On the other hand stress may.

If you haven't had a full check up recently then I suggest you do so. There are some hormonal conditions that affect both ovulation and mental states, including anxiety.

Best wishes


I totally agree with you Ian<3
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