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Can an anxiety attack make your chest hurt?

Posted Oct 07 2009 4:41pm

Posted:  anxiety attack

I' m 25 and in good shape. I' ve been having some pretty bad chest pain, pain in my arm, and pain in my hands. My grandfather had his first heart attack at 26 so I think that made me wonder if it' s anxiety or something worse. A family member died this week so I thought maybe I was just full of anxiety and that' s what the problem was. Has anyone experienced chest pain with an anxiety attack?

i will tell you right..
i have been on medication for 2 years now due to anxiety attacks..
and it does infact cause a lot of chest pains..

and i will tell you..
that pain can also be caused by something irritating your chest wall..
i was in the hospital for it.. and that was exactly it..
but yes,
that does cause chest pain..

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