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but they still do nike shox experience cheap not do those vulgar things not also a realm of

Posted Jan 15 2013 7:20am
A Tsinghua University doctoral students, refused to mediocrity, out of the country immediately put tireless calculated Beidou satellite positioning data, sold to the United States Department of Defense, and our national security suffered a major challenge. Her this in order to reject a mediocre life practice While we can understand, but this is not to let her into another for money and not hesitate to sacrifice everything for the greater mediocre? Want during the War of Resistance against Japan in the year, the number of people in order to earn that little bit of money, embarked on the road of their lives for the enemy? However, in this contest into fame and fortune, they had unwittingly become a slave of mediocrity.Why must show their talent, much to accomplish it? Extraordinary, so men's nike shox nz what? Russell said: "varied shapes and sizes, but the happiness of the essence." It is because of people's lives in this world, good and bad, high and low level, can be a step-by-step toward the development of ah! To be a prominent person is mediocrity? Do things big as mediocrity it? In my view or a society, when able to tolerate ordinary life is real progress ah!

In a dull life, why do we always want to give up the original meaning of their own existence to which fame it? As long as the innocent, their own entertainment, not also a right life choices? Principle of faith, adhere to, as long as I pursue my efforts, although the results are not the best, but I still indifferent to happiness, but they still do nike shox experience cheap not do those vulgar things, not also a realm of life? Drain, the United States in forceful; bridges, the United States, in the graceful, no matter what kind of outlook on life, we all have their own noble way, this is not enough? Ugly Duckling to reject mediocrity, she is also found that because of the nature of self-Swan before her longing for the blue sky, the ultimate realization of the ideal, ah! The so-called mediocre, no creativity, no dream, no miracle. Reject mediocrity, continue to struggle, the constant pursuit of continued success.
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