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bulging veins in hands, numb toes, numb back and tingling

Posted by tymom

When I sit down, the veins in the backs of my hands bulge out.  I went to the emergency room a  couple of weeks ago because it scared me so badly and I had pain shooting through my left hand.  The ER doc said I had an anxiety attack.  I  tried to explain to him that the anxiety was because of the incident, not vic e versa.  I have had strange pain, numb toes, a clicking sound in my left shoulder, huge areas of my back feel numb and tingling most of the time.  Docs keep saying that it's anxitey, but I feel like the anxiety is caused from the pain and wierd symptoms.  Also, I was diagnosed with trigger finger in my right thumb.  I can't even use it anymore, it is painful and it I have very limited movement.  Any ideas?

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Ian Health Maven
I can't comment on the various problems you are having with your hand and arms. That is something that may require referral to a neurologist, though I suspect that most of them have more to do with a heightened awareness of bodily sensations than a physical disarrangement. Many of the symptoms do not sound unusual.

However, this is causing you distress which if untreated may linger long after the physical problems are resolved. I suggest you consult a therapist skilled in cognitive behavior therapy who should be able to help you separate the psychological from the physical. 




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