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Bryant's NBA career field data

Posted Oct 09 2012 2:14am
Bryant's NBA career field data: 25.4 + 5.3 rebounds + assists + steals + 1.5 times 4.7 times 0.5 Cap +45.3% hits from the data point, maidi compares favourably with Bryant, both played the role of lucky star in the early NBA career, followed by efforts to seize opportunities to grow as players.Maidi crested earlier thancheap foamposites 2012   Bryant, and Bryant and Sha-Kui-o ' Neill cooperation.During the best of both, Bryant scored is the presence of God, maidi does not fall wind.Maidi problem is that starting from the season 2009-10 data crash data directly pulled down his NBA career average, Bryant kept the presence of 25+ standards, physical condition of different data for two persons with a significant difference.

Bryant WINS maidi got two scoring sessions, election 2000-01 season, the fastest progress players, 7-time all star, NBA all-NBA team twice for the first team, champion is zero, never team broke into the second round of the playoffs, MVP is not harvested.Bryant also crowned King scored twice, took the 1-time regular-season MVP, Finals MVP and all-star 4 times 2 times MVP,14 time all star, 9 werenike air penny 3 for sale selected into the best defensive first team lineup, won 10 seats on the first team of the all-NBA team, NBA career won 5 times.Maidi is a star, but in terms of honor and is far less compared to Bryant.Maidi peak effectiveness of team Orlando Magic and Houston Rockets are not the top teams, maidi protection lack of team's record in fighting for honor, and the Lakers Bryant's effectiveness is the traditional Homer, he was able to produce beautiful, personal data at the same time in the team's record also produce nice transcript, maidi and in opportunities on different Bryant.

Maidi buddy once said that if maidi willing to work hard, whether it's basketball, baseball and Rugby were able to become a superstar, his physical condition is rated as a terrorist, is the height, speed, bounce and the perfect combination of flexibility, called Pro-Kevin Durrant, in the face of any Defender is able to form a shearing effect.Compared with maidi, Bryant's talent is inferior to some, he is unable to do a physical advantage to any player, small hands this one only just let him eat a lot of hardship.Possess extraordinary talent maidi why career success than Bryant?Health is a key factor.Maidi of back and knee injuries falling from the peak period of the early, will tear its original brilliant NBA career was in tatters.NBA is high against the Union, willpower is important, but you can't go against nature, suffer serious back injury and a knee injury maidi is powerless.Bryant was hurt a lot, but he has never experienced enough to ruin a season and even NBA career injuries, health status is also this blowout win maidi.Bryant hurt beat spirit is really admirable, maidi of them deserve sympathy and understanding.
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