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Bryant had right shoulder surgery

Posted Oct 13 2012 2:16am
Bryant had right shoulder surgery, Pan himself had confirmed that his shoulder injury and old wounds do not have any contact during the year and not so serious."The shoulder is a bit sore before, much better now, there is no need to check."Kobecheap nike air max 95   Bryant said.In addition, Bryant had his fans through FaceBook to communicate medical harmless message, wished to assure members, "because a dunk in the training, I was wounded in the shoulder, and thus were absent from the match yesterday, but was fortunate, my condition was not serious."Bryant Facebook wrote in the diary.

In the journal, Bryant has also revealed some interesting, he admits he met senior celebrity Golden Legion in the Lakers locker room, uncrowned king Elgin-Baylor, Baylor Lakers one of history's most legendary stars that year, when idols are encountered when Pan, was also surprised."In zhiqian of training in the, I encountered has a order I is surprised of visited who, he is Elgin-Baylor, he is Lakersnike air max skyline australia history Shang of Super superstar, I zhiqian of evacuation step leave action is imitation he proceeds to, now, he of 22nd, jerseys still high hanging in Lakers arena Republika Taiwan General Republika Center of over, this may is effectiveness Lakers of benefits 's, because, you forever not know next and you face-to-face chat of superstar what is who."From the regular season drawing near, reorganization of the Lakers also have broad direction, and being a team leader Bryant is needed as soon as possible and the new lineup finish running, when the Pan when you stay healthy, the Lakers rushed objectives will undoubtedly also one layer closer.

James has also been experienced enough to work as a tour guide.Finished climbing the great wall, Guangyou after summer palace, he was with Lewis and hasilemu to find stores up a foot massage.Heat head coach siboersitela said, "knew the great wall this is the case, we can arrange a trip in the above fitness course, stairs was too challenging."The boats also had a great, young people can always find fun, on a plane, on the bus, in the hotel lobby, as long as someone is asleep, 35 people will immediately get past to make faces, photographed, to the Web, Griffin said:" woke up, they will find some way to retaliate, it is so much fun."Heat lineup stable, yacht over the summer to introduce many new people, Hill said that such a long journey may be more significant for the boat:" this is a very rare to know each other, trust each other, form a team of good opportunities.In the United States, almost no such conditions let us live together every day, you could not imagine, if in the United States, we will go out to dinner, go shopping together, then see something new every day.I believe that after this week, we will become a better team.
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