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Bryant earlier General racing in debut 12 minutes

Posted Mar 18 2013 6:37am
Bryant earlier General racing in debut 12 minutes above zero scored of situation total appears had 2 times, but are is occurred in career career early, in February 16, 1997 against supersonic of competition in, fly Grand House debut 13 minutes 3 cast 0 in the failed to scored; in March 16, 98, also is against supersonic, fly Grand play 14 minutes 1 cast 0 in the no scored occupancies, only sentcheap nike air max 2011   out 2 times assists.This time because of an injury, Bryant once again creates an absolute zero embarrassment, but the good news is the Lakers eventually won the game, Bryant was out of dependency, Golden Legion, they fight for Bryant to have a chance to rest, everyone understood, shocks the playoffs, cannot burden just threw to Bryant.

Lakers 96-93 tough fight against Eastern teams walkers away.Kobe Bryant (microblogging) only section 1 cases, dual and outstanding defense on the Lakers with 5 people win the game.For this team to win, coach deandongni call with satisfaction, and indicate whether the Bryant end comeback, will be up to him to decide.Bryant playnike air max 2012 cheap serious ankle sprain, only playing the first game, did not score in 4 shooting, only recorded 2 assists and 1 rebound.At least on the field, Bryant did not provide substantive help to the team.When the presence of Bryant, Lakers players or other license (micro-blogging) has slightly relaxed the idea.Because at the last moment, Lakers with Bryant's personal ability to solve problems, such as is the case of reversal of the WaSP and a fierce Dragon.

Competition began zhihou, Wei Republika special cloth Lu grams bothering dribblers and succeeding, Harris three points line outside jump shot make contribution, Wei Republika special cloth Lu grams three points line outside jump shot return, Nielsen breakthrough bothering dribblers and succeeding, Durrant together Eibar card made a wave 5-0, afulaluo turned jump shot cut points, ibaka a people alone cut 4 points, wuqieweiqi fill basket make contribution, Perkins jump shot cut points, Nielsen three points line outside jump shot succeeding, Perkins dunk success, hakelaisi breakthrough dunk succeeding, Durrant two penalty a in the, wuqieweiqi bothering dribblers and cut points, first section ended,Both sides fight to 26-39.Section start, Jones cut 4 alone, Corison both, Fisher stop jump shot success, in both Jackson, Oudry bothering dribblers and make contribution, Jones dunk cut, dunk succeed Jackson, Martin after successful turn around jump shot, then air relay bothering dribblers hand and get foul free throws after Martin in both, people cut down 6 points.Nielsen breakthrough bothering dribblers hand, Corison break dunk succeed, End of period, both teams score is 56-73.
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