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Bryant confirmed that he will be officially retired in two years time

Posted Oct 09 2012 8:40am
Bryant confirmed that he will be officially retired in two years ' time, the main reason he has no desire to continue to fight on, and he absolutely will not be role players to fight for the identity of many years.In August this year, Bryant has over 34 years oldcheap lebron james shoes   birthday, he has been in the League for 16 seasons.ESPN columnists Chris-palimi do statistics, Bryant 42,377 minutes total play time up to date.Last season, Bryant at the age of 33 after knee treatment, remained reached 38.5 minutes played, capable of detonation 27.9 points, scoring over 10 years younger than themselves on Durrant killed are inextricably intertwined.

But when iron man wanted to rest again.After the end of last season, Bryant did imply that he considered retirement in two years.But there is a saying at the time was that Bryant wants to continue playing, playing until the age of 40.If so, Bryant's career at least 6 years.For fans, this is what they want to see.Now, however, they are afraid to be disappointed.In the latest interview, Bryant's attitude is very clear, he again said he will retire in two years, this isnike penny 2 for sale not only because his health reason, but he has no desire to play."I made the decision, not their own health."Bryant said," but I think, I still play it?I also have the desire to continue maintaining at a high level?

Over the years, Bryant is considered the most competitive and high morale of the players.If Bryant lost that desire to continue to play with power, so this really ought to be the real reason he chose to retire in two years.To Bryant's technical style and the current state, he could continue to play a few years, like Steve Nash made it all 40 years old.For example after two seasons, until Bryant's 36 years old, he can do a good role players, took about 15 minutes, continuing to pursue Championship honours.But for this, Bryant has ruled out such a possibility."I am absolutely not going to be a role player."Bryant said," that will not happen, it's not my style."Kobe's career only two years left, the Lakers would like to seize this opportunity, they signed Nash to Warcraft and transactions, is to champion.And whether Bryant won one 6th championship ring in order to catch up with Jordan, we will wait and see, he also had two chances.
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