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Posted Aug 20 2011 1:57am

Happiness is a continuous time longer the life satisfaction and feel life is great fun and naturally hope lasting cheerfulness. This is both everyone pursuit of the goal, also is the ultimate goal of the whole human beings.

The life of people, is the pursuit of happiness life, no one will refuse to happiness, and no one will give up happiness, everyone likes happiness, the pursuit of happiness is Belstaff Jackets UK saleWomens Belstaff Jackets Outlet different from person to person, different people have different happiness, different people pursue different happiness, then what is happiness? What is happiness? Believe that all people understand happiness, requirements and views are different.

Happiness is--I'm hungry, to see someone in his hand, he is a meat dumplings than me happiness; I am cold, see other people to wear a thick cotton-padded jacket, he is better than me happiness; I want to go to the toilet, a pit, you squat down there, you better than me happiness. This is the film to the fun of happiness.

Happiness is have a thankful heart; Have a healthy body; Have a bunch of reliable friend; Have a harmonious family and a promising tomorrow.

Happiness is a kind of feeling, it does not depend Belstaff OutletBelstaff Men Leather Jackets on people's life condition, and depend on how well human psychology. When feeling happy everything looks so wonderful. A person working in the fields, full head big sweat, but he felt he was very happy, he is happy; Another man walk in your garden, but he felt very not happy, he is not happy. In fact, you think you happy you are happy, happiness and happiness are not in your heart...

An idle poor said that money is happiness.

A rich man in a hurry said: the Belstaff jackets uk storeBelstaff jackets outlet uk store leisure is happiness.

A full head big sweat farmer says: harvest is happiness.

A rolling stone country go home is happy said.

A no feet disabilities to say: can walk is happiness.

A lost the blind man said: light can see is happiness.

A work day workers say: don't go to work is happiness.

A respectable doctors say: Belstaff Jackets outletBelstaff Jackets cure disease is happiness.

A 40 a few bachelor said: there are women is happiness.

A dress don't hide the body beggar said: eat is happiness.

A attend the university entrance exam of students said: pass the college entrance examination is happiness.

A Beijing Olympics player said: a gold medal is happiness.

A lost the mother of the child Sale Belstaff Jackets WomensWomen Belstaff Boots said: find the child is happiness.

A patient who said: can living is happy.


What is happiness?

Happiness is to eat well, living well and have a good sleep, well dressed.

Happiness is for a good smoke, drink a cup of wine, product mouth good tea.

Happiness is you have no hatred, hatred of others than your.

Happiness is not upset, also have no worries.

Happiness is you don't owe someone money, others don't owe you money.

Happiness is all for you, you for everybody.

Happiness is the person you love and love you, you like of the person also like you, you miss at miss you.

Happiness is to read a wonderful Belstaff Jackets Menselstaff UK Outlet Store book, is to listen to a song, it is to see a hot movie.

Happiness is every morning with a cup of hot milk and two eggs before sleeping in the evening, a bowl of rice pudding.

Happiness is not feel cold in the winter, the hottest summer don't feel hot.

Happiness is testing a high score, read a good university, choose a good professional.

Happiness is to find a good job, take a good wife, have a good son.

Happiness is ceaseless efforts, is kept on fighting.

Happiness is again and again, is successful elstaff leather jacketsBelstaff UK Outlet and share.

Happiness is a cup of clear water, is also a cup of strong tea.

Happiness is a sound gently the greeting, is also a timely encouragement.

Happiness is a white paper, is also a clever pen.

Happiness is a beautiful dress, is also a fancy the umbrella.

Happiness is a car high-grade car, was a ship luxury ship, is also a space shuttle.

Happiness is a high mountain, is a long river, is also one blue sea.

Happiness is go in peace, happiness is all the best.

Happiness is good health and longevity, happiness is always go your way.

Happiness is a better life, Belstaff outlet storeBelstaff usa family harmony.

Happiness is a country rich and strong, and world peace.

Happiness is life and life is happiness.

We love happiness, happy love us

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