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Because nike free run 2 mens you know I'm proud of the kids

Posted Nov 29 2012 7:55am
I was so proud! Laundry hand skin abrasions, burn your hand when you release the water ... I had never cried in front of you. I was proud of the kids in front of you, I will not easily show his infirmities. Because of your disdain, let me make unremitting efforts. I try to let you see me. However, today, I have attained the age of 18 years old today, I finally see your eyes I look forward to a long time. This moment I know, you are so proud, you are not in front of me has never been easy performance, just put my share of love the deep Cangzaixinli surface. Because nike free run 2 mens you know I'm proud of the kids, you afraid that one day I will fall because of pride .Thank you, Dad! I have been so proud, because of pride, I have been working with. Because of your pride, I have been working with. In this way, the blink of an eye, we all stood on the edge of the four, one year later.

Days outside the window, began to become clear, very clean. June should immediately went to the air is still wet, a little cold.Laboratory no fan, the windows since the open, the natural blowing in the wind, and very comfortable. Quietly feel natural gifts. Classes in the laboratory, there is a feeling be kicked out of the earth, quiet, really quiet! In addition to occasionally heard the distant womens nike free run 3 song of gas and daily Shortly after 12:00, the voice of the electron gun sounded, even the birds are hard to hear. Out the window of a tree is not very thick, but also the sky split to bits of fragmented's. Blossom, May 24, a one of the flowers began to dot the branches. But I can not smell its fragrance, it stands is too high.
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