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beats by dre headphone

Posted Feb 19 2013 5:28pm
Just want to tell you, without you, I'm the same I'm alive, I'm my hero! "Resistance than jasmine fierce ah, I Le embarrassing, this guy to live in their own world of hate ... is very pit with the words of the day wins. Generally wood pineapple God see this endorsement like crash stunned in place, coldly: "I know what the real world's biggest bug? "I think you are the biggest bug." The real world, in fact, does not exist, "the boy back to the original indifference, asked:" Do you still speak? This world is how old? "" Approaching seven hundred years. "Well," Monster Beats MLB the pineapple God nodded, smiled and said: "So you can confirm, this world does not exist. "" Oh? Continue. "He glanced endorsement by one, some reluctantly said:" You do not know? "Should you continue to say it. "Well, one of the initial setting of the world, it contains the ancient dream of the future of all mankind, right? "Pineapple God smiled and looked at him. 2012 nodded and motioned for him to continue." Well, I wake before, in my dream for many years? "This baby finally got it! 2012 excited some can not own, loudly replied:" No more than two years! "Listen to his answer so readily, pineapple God instead shocked, and could not help but hastily asked:" Why not such a big bug? What is wrong? "Because you, there remain a great number of people in this world, all derivative dream consciousness! "If there are no shadows, Monster Beats NBA pineapple God will see this endorsement by fanatical expression." To derivative dream consciousness? "Young finally changed back to the original stop asking questions stay kind." Yes, real early generation of humanity in addition to the Duke of minority metamorphosis outside die off early, if there is no knowledge of derivative dream, the real world will only continue to shrink Finally, completely dead, there would be seven hundred years of history! "The pineapple God knocked on the forehead, blankly and said:" The early generation of human, it seems that human ancestors is not mentioned in the books ... should be the first batch of real human world record? Monster Beats NHL"Yes, guys grow like this one. Transcend the boundaries of time and space to the real world, it is not common sense to understand. "2012 speak, at the moment is really passionate but next pineapple God or give him throwing a bucket of cold water:" We make an assumption, for instance, and the Western Paradise contemporaries with people face, and he is the first batch of recorded human, and I'm only now being documented human, he is the first generation of human, and I'm not? "My head hurts ..." seems to keep up with this guy's thinking it, 2012 also knocked on the forehead, thought a moment before, said: "I know what you mean, and why the first batch of records only he recorded without you, right?
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